Bettendorf, Iowa

District Office: Clock Tower Office, Rock Island, Illinois
Project Mgt.: John Merritt
Project: Mississippi River Levee under I-74 Bridge , Bettendorf, Iowa
Product: 4010 4" Tri-Lock 9,000 sq. ft.
Installation: 1984
General Contractor: Foley Contractors, Clinton, Iowa
Project Status: Complete vegetation from Buffalo Grass Plugs in public access areas.

Bettendorf, Iowa

Project: Duck Creek Shoreline / Residential, Bettendorf, Iowa ( Above Mississippi River)
Product: 4010 4" Tri-Lock 15,000 sq. ft.
Installation: 1985 heavy ice flows and back to back 100 and 500 year flood events.
General Contractor: Lawrence & Sons, Rock Falls, Illinois
Project Status: Complete vegetation, access view available from 42nd street across from Industrial Park.

Davenport, Iowa

Project: Duck Creek Shoreline, Phase II, Residential side of 42nd & State St.
Product: 4010 Tri-Lock ( 4" thickness) 5,000 sq. ft.
Installation: 1992 Installed prior to the Mississippi River Spring and Summer 1993 floods.
General Contractor: Davenport, Iowa
Project Status: Complete vegetation on residential shorelines, access view only from Industrial Park.

Hannibal Missouri

Project: Mississippi River Levee , Hannibal , Missouri , Historical Site, Mark Twain Center
Product: 4" Tri-lock 106,000 sq. ft.
Installation: 1992
General Contractor: Bliegh Construction
Project Status: Complete Buffalo grass vegetation with no Tri-Lock damage or vegetation loss in the flood of 93 even though under water for several months. Public access available.
Special Note: See Land & Water Magazine Issue September/October 1993.

Loves Park, Illinois

District Office: Rock Island Clock Tower , Rock Island, Island
Project Mgt: Dan Viktora
Project: Loves Creek Phase I , Loves Park, Illinois
Channel Bottom & Side Slopes
Product: 6" Tri-Lock 92,000 sq. ft.
Installation: 1993 72,000 s/f 1994 20,000 s/f

Lake Forest, Illinois

District Office: Chicago office, 111 North Canal
Project Mgt. Melissa Kennedy
Project: Reservoir Site 15 Lake Forest , IL. (East of I-94 & Atkinson road)
Product: 4" Tri-Lock 17,000 SF. Emergency Spillway , Outlets , Side Slopes & Channel Bottom
Installation: 1990
General Contractor:
Installation Contractor: Green Up Landscape, Al Mitchell
Project Status: Complete vegetation on seeded areas. Limited access, pictures available

Northbrook, Illinois

Project: Reservoir Site 29A , Northbrook , Illinois ( conversion of old trap shoot site ) Emergency Spillway, Outlets, Channel Bottom & Side Slopes, Waterway & Outlet Protection along I-94.
Product: 4" Tri-Lock 36,000 square feet
Installation: 1992, 1993, & 1994 pending removal of lead buckshot from soil.
General Contractor: T & W Edmier
Installation Contractor: D & L Installation
Project Status: Limited access, vegetation where seeded, plans, specs, & pictures available.

Gary, Indiana

Project: Little Calumet River Levee, I-80 at Grant Street south bound ramp Gary , Indiana
Product: 4010 Tri-Lock 4" thickness 3,700 square feet (Access Road on Levee from I-80 ramp.)
Installation: 1993
General Contractor: Kenny Kiewit Shea
Installation Contractor: D & L Installation
Project Status: access road with vegetation on roadway, limited access, plans, specs, pictures available.

Shelbyville, Illinois

Project: Lake Shelbyville Shoreline Protection
Product: Tri-Lock 4110 4" thickness 2.00 square foot module
Quantity: 15,000 square feet
Installation: August 1999

Little Calumet River Levee | Indiana

Project: Little Calumet River Levee,
Product: 4010 Tri-Lock 4" Thickness2,500 square feet (access road to and on top of levee).
Installation: 1993
Gen. Contractor:
Project Status: access road with vegetation on roadway, limited access, plans, specs, pictures available.


Schaumburg, Illinois

District # 1 | 201 West Center Court, Schaumburg, IL. 60196
Project L.A. Charlie Gouviea
Project: I-394 South of I-80 and north of Saulk Trail Road 1/4 mile, West Side protecting slope from Ox-Bow Creek running into I-394.
Installation: 1989
General Contractor:
Installation Contractor: Del Toro Landscaping
Project Status: Full vegetation in the first year, access available, plus plans, specs, & pictures.

Melrose Park, Illinois

Project: Outlet protection on North Avenue in Melrose Park, Illinois
Product: 4015 Tri-Lock 6" Thickness 600 square feet
Installation: 1989
General Contractor: Palumbo, Hillside, IL.
Project Status: Complete vegetation

Dixon, Illinois

District # 2: 819 Depot Avenue, Dixon, IL.
Project L.A. Dick Wandell
Project: I-39 Roadside outlets at Paw Paw , IL. Rest Area
Installation: 1991
General Contractor: Rockford Blacktop
Project Status: Easy Access from I-39, full vegetation, pictures, plans, & specs available.

Ottawa, Illinois

District # 3: 700 East Norris Drive, Ottawa, IL. 61350-0697
Project L.A.
Project: Roadside outlet Protection on I-39 from Bloomington, IL. North to I-88 (multiple locations). Tri-Lock volume varied per outlet.
Product: 4010 Tri-Lock (4" thickness)
Installation: 1990 & 1991
Project Status: Full vegetation in and over the Tri-Lock Blocks in the first year. Plans, specs, and Pictures.

Peoria, Illinois

District # 4: 401 Main Street, Peoria, IL. 61602-1111
Project L.A. Steve Lee, Planning | Merle Kause / Cecil Crutchfiield
Location: New Boston, IL., (2 miles west of the Mississippi River) Edwards River Shoreline protection at Rte. 17 roadbed junction, roadside protection from riverbank overtopping, heavy ice flows, and water velocity.
Product: 8" Tri-Lock 13,000 sq. ft.
Installation: 1986
Product Status: Complete vegetation and protection even after the summer of 1993 Mississippi River Flood Waters reached inland and combined with the flood waters of the Edwards River.


Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin

Project: Lake Koshkonong Boat Ramps
Product: 4110 4" thickness / 4,500 SF ( 3 ramps)
Contractor: Vilia Excavating, Ft. Atkinson, WI., (Frenz, 920-563-2343)
Installation: 1999 & 2000 seasons

Necedah and wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Project: Wilderness Park, Juneau-WP (in Necedah & Wisconsin Rapids)
Product: 4110 4" thickness / 16,000 SF / Shoreline protection Vs Rip Rap & to provide useable green area in park area along Wisconsin River.
Contractor: Anderson Bo Bo, Osseo, Wisconsin (715-983-5517 / Larry Anderson)
Civil Engineering Firm: Coastal Planning & Design, Inc. (David Wentland, 920-499-6006)
AWARDED: Wisconsin civil engineering award for 1st place in classification of civil engineering offices with less than 25 employees.